Common Massage & Spa

EnJoy And Relax

Welcome to Common Massage & Spa  in Chiang Mai Thailand.

     Let us welcome you in off the hot street into our cool and friendly atmosphere. Sit down and let the day's stress begin to evaporate. Then be transported to a world of unsurpassed pleasure. Common, we deliver "Desire & Delight".

      At Common, we believe in renewal: renewal of the body, the mind and the soul. As our decor reflects renewed consciousness, so our trained masseurs will leave your body feeling fresh and new. Then Step off the hustle and bustle of the street and into the calm serenity of our Lan Chang inspired hideaway. Rooms massage are stepping back to a bygone age where luxury and the pursuit of pleasure ruled.  

    Our masseurs take delight in maximizing your relaxing pleasure and ensure that you will receive the best massage you've ever had.


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